Thanks for stopping by. I hope my blog provides a combination of inspiration, soul food and useful information. Feel free to connect with me on social media. For readers of the Creating Job Security Resource Guide, join me on TWITTER @Job_Security.  I’m also a life coach and I regularly add useful information on recognizing your energy level and changing it to achieve your goals on Twitter @OlivePressCoach.  Or if you just want to say hi, connect with me @Debra_Yergen.

INSTAGRAM: If you prefer photos to 140-character tweets, I’m on IG @debrayergen.

The Gift of Grace book series is my very first attempt at writing fiction. It’s a trilogy about acceptance, transformation and trust. We have a great little FB community and you’re welcome to join us. Get to know Isabelle, Zach, Harriet, Arnie, Amone, Grace, Hope, Carrie… and the rest of the family. Grab a beverage and pull up a chair! https://www.facebook.com/YergenTrilogy/

The Kindness Project Club grew out of book two in the trilogy: The Bench. We welcome everyone in our club. As we like to say: Life is hard. Be kind. http://www.TheKindnessProject.club

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