Debra Yergen, Author

Thank you, readers!

Thank you for making Sweet Pickles Take Time a #1 New Release on Amazon. I’m working on my first fictional book series, a Trilogy about a family in Portland, Oregon, who looks pretty average on the outside but has a lot going on when you pull back the curtain. Expect The Eulogy to come out in time for Summer reading from Whole House Publications.

The Gift of Grace Trilogy includes: The Eulogy, The Bench and The Gathering.


The first novel in the Gift of Grace trilogy, The Eulogy, is a story about acceptance and the journey to like the ones we love.

The second novel in the Gift of Grace trilogy, The Bench, is a story about transformation and the journey to reclaim the dreams we know are possible.

The third and concluding novel in the Gift of Grace trilogy, The Gathering, is a story about trust and the journey to learn, live, and offer generous helpings of forgiveness to ourselves and those who share our path.

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